Think out of the box. Use your wine rack for stylish storage of more than just wines.

Store all sorts of bottles in a wine rack cabinet

Whether you are a wine connoisseur or not, most people find they need to get their wine off the floor and out of the cupboard to store somewhere more convenient. What better way than to have a dedicated wine rack or two as part of your kitchen design plan!

But did you ever think about having an additional wine rack to store other condiments? Most vinegars, olive and other oils, liquor, syrups and custom sodas come in similar sized bottles and can be stored just as easily in your wine rack(s). Or you can customize your condiments to fit. Either way, the wine rack cabinet can be repurposed, and who doesn’t love a bit of upcycling! You can even use it to store towels in your laundry! Read on…

If we are not so fortunate as to have a large pantry, wine cellar, or separate storage room for our condiments, spices, and many bottles of oils, vinegars, and wine, where do we store it all?

Wine racks are a great storage option because they come in many different sizes and configurations, and they can match your cabinets. Ours are wall units, either a complete cabinet, or as an undermount. The style of these cabinets break up the space between normal cabinets, and provide a nice feature for your kitchen wall.

When designing a kitchen remodel, or maybe a new build, we sometimes forget how we have used our kitchen space in the past. How many times have you had to get down on your knees to reach for a bottle of something at the very back of 24″ cabinet? It’s an unnecessary hassle you can get rid of if you plan a wine rack into your design. Take a look at the different options below. If you plan well, the decorative quality of a wine rack can enhance your space while at the same time open up the storage space in your cabinets.

X-Wine Rack repurposed for towel storage in a bathroom
Diagram to install of X-Wine Rack for towels
Castleberry Saddle X-Rack
Or, sure… you can still use it as a wine rack.