What do we mean by cabinet bling?

Your cabinets, whether in the kitchen, bathroom, home office, laundry, or other, are enhanced by the bling you attach to them. What is that bling? The knobs or pulls you use to dress them up, giving a unique tone and style to your space.

Knobs and pulls come in a huge variety of shapes, colors, and finishes. This gives you the option of giving your cabinets just the right look to fit your overall design. They can be wood or metal; shiny or dull; painted or raw. Truly, the sky is the limit and you should start early in the design process to start investigating your options. Let us see what to think about…

Typically the hardware is one of the last decisions you’ll make during your kitchen remodeling. The only exception is choosing cabinets designed to work without hardware, like those using recessed channels or cutouts. This does not mean it is, by any means, the least important decision, since the style and finish you choose can make or break your design.

Once you’ve chosen the right type of hardware for each drawer and door, you need to select the right finish. Like knobs, you have a wide range of finishes to choose from. From chrome to brass and bronze, and in some cases, artistic and unique wood… each finish offers its own distinct charm. With the incredible power of the Internet you can search images of the style you want and see all the options available.

A modern finish like stainless steel can coordinate perfectly with high-end appliances. It’s also ideal for sleek kitchen design and those who want to add a bit of polish to their design. If you’re looking for a more traditional old-world elegance, options like oil-rubbed bronze is an good choice. It creates a warm and welcoming ambiance. If you’re looking for a more luxurious idea, why not explore a pewter finish. Remember, too, that the finish will pick up the light in your room in different ways, giving a hard light or diffused light. It depends on what feel you want to create in the space.

You want to consider your light fixtures, faucet, and other d├ęcor details. If you’re kitchen has clean lines and minimalist details, consider hardware that is sleek and contemporary. In contrast, if your style leans more toward European elegance, old-world ornate pieces might be more fitting. Generally, if you have traditional cabinets, you’ll choose traditional hardware, although, no rules apply. If you are using frameless euro-style cabinets, you might choose more contemporary hardware,

In summary, think of your hardware as a vignette on a matted work of art. It highlights and draws the eye. Or, think about the hardware as jewelry (bling), that enhances and elevates a presence. Either way, while it may seem like a small consideration, hardware knobs and pulls for your cabinets is a serious consideration. Don’t neglect it in the design process.