Visualizing how a Tall Double Oven cabinet looks when installed – from Diagram to Install

This cabinet color no longer available. For illustrative purposes only.

Continuing our visualization series…
One of the hardest things about ordering cabinets online is that people aren’t sure of the cabinet quality and it’s hard to know how the cabinets will look once installed.

In this series of articles, we hope to alleviate some of those fears by showing you what the diagram looks like when ordering and then what it looks like installed. Of course, with our process, you will have a salesperson who will contact you after you order, but before you pay, so that your perceived risk is reduced.

In short, though, we are a trusted vendor of cabinets and custom countertops, and we have a top reputation for over 20 years, so you can trust that. Read on to find out more…

In this example we will talk about a Frameless Tall Double Oven, 1-Drawer cabinet in Riviera Oyster Shell. Notice this is also a utility cabinet, so, if you don’t want to use it just for ovens, you can use it for open storage as well. If you have high enough ceilings you can also stack a flip-up door cabinet above for even more storage space, or decorations (plants, curios, etc.).

While we are only showing Riviera Oyster Shell as the installed color, rest assured the principles apply to all colors and styles in our frameless line. We want to assure you we have the highest quality cabinets and customer service when it comes to our RTA (ready to assemble) cabinets for your kitchen or pantry.

See a picture below of the above diagram actually installed

Most people are used to seeing the RTA cabinets at Big Box stores and think all RTA cabinets are that quality. Not ours, our construction and assembly of cabinets is the same as a custom cabinet maker, just not as customized. Of course, our cabinets are intended for the DIYer who wants to have more control over the install.

The following picture shows you how a frameless (euro-style) cabinet will look installed. Of course, anytime you have a question you can contact us and we’ll help you navigate the purchase of your cabinets on our website, or you can check our FAQs. Notice, though, and it is a good reminder to remember, that your finishes and trim add a lot to the final look and feel you accomplish in your design.

Frameless double oven, single drawer tall cabinet

When choosing your cabinets online we will show you a diagram (as seen above) along with the color you select. This makes it easier after ordering multiple cabinets, to differentiate between cabinets and sizes when reviewing your cart. We add the color door as a reference as well so, if you’re ordering two different colors, say a dark cabinet for the island, and a complimentary lighter cabinet for the perimeter cabinets, you’ll be able to easily see the difference between the cabinets in the cart. Believe us, it makes things easier when shopping online. But, what about knowing how it will look?

Notice how the finishes and hardware really complete the overall look. Beautiful! We have many cabinet choices and colors, and we will ship directly to your door. Take a look at other installed pictures in our slideshows below.

Frameless cabinets installed

Palermo Gloss White Kitchen

Torino Dark Wood Kitchen

Torino Grey Wood Kitchen

Torino White Pine Kitchen

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