Top 5 Reasons to Choose White Cabinets

What is good design? Shocking colors and profiles of custom cabinets, or cabinet colors that can work with a multitude of other colors, textures, and materials? Ultimately, you decide, but there is a reason that white kitchen cabinets have reigned supreme in the kitchens and bathrooms for decades. They are neutral, which means they can be used in more versatile ways than those trendy colors that magazines highlight (keyword: trendy; temporary).

Unless you have a budget, and patience, you’ll most likely only remodel and change your cabinets once while in your current house. Quality cabinets last a long time, and, if you choose neutral colors, they can compliment a whole host of other colors and textures in your kitchen, and provide years of satisfying appeal.

Here are the top 5 reasons to choose neutral, white cabinets when remodeling your kitchen…


Great Selection. White cabinets in all RTA collections are the most widely purchased color, and so quality craftsman keep a large stock of cabinet building material in this color. Because they are so widely used in the kitchen, white, ready-to-assemble cabinets also come in a variety of profiles and style, from traditional to modern, both framed and frameless.


Compliments any Countertop Material. With manufactured Quartz products now mimicking natural stone, the selection of countertop colors and patterns is virtually endless. From tightly mottled textures, to broad-stroked swashes of color in the material’s pattern, white cabinets allow for you to choose from any material of countertop and make it work.


Compliments any Flooring Material. Whether you want actual wood, light or dark, or tiles that look-like wood or other materials, your white cabinets will not work against you. You will need to coordinate other colors and textures in your kitchen, but the foundation of it, the cabinets, will compliment any choice you make. Style of cabinet is only consideration.


Compliments any Backsplash Material. Subway tiles, field tiles, mosaic tiles, square tiles, tin tile, or any other tile can work with any neutral white cabinet. Again,, your only consideration is the style of the tile, and how it works with the countertop, appliances, and painted wall (if you have one). White cabinets tone down the space, even if your tile extends from countertop to ceiling. It is a neutral transition.


Compliments any Appliance and Lighting Fixtures. Sometimes, we want to make our kitchen pop with fancy appliances or lighting fixtures. With white cabinets, the only concern is… Oh, there is no concern! White kitchen cabinets provide the perfect compliment to any appliance or fixture, and can really pop when indirectly lit with LED strips under the cabinets. Control the mood with neutral cabinets.

In summary, your options in kitchen design become less of a concern when using neutral white cabinets. Explore your creativity through matching your flooring, backsplash, and countertops, but do it without concern of matching your cabinets. If you feel you might be missing out on any exciting new trends, make the trend in how you decorate and choose the other features of your kitchen, Remember, you can enhance your space with accessories as well, and that means more options.

So, are you ready to move forward? Go for it! You can do so confidently using white kitchen cabinets – they are neutral and compliment any other material, appliance, or fixture. The only concern you have is whether or not those features compliment each other. Design away!

Examples of white kitchen cabinets installed

Palermo Gloss White Kitchen
Shaker White Kitchen
Torrance White

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