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Don’t get stuck with lost cabinet space.

With the proper planning in your kitchen remodel, or for anywhere you plan to install new cabinets, it is important to think about the space you will need, use, and want. If you consider that your cabinets are 34 1/2″ tall, then the vertical space becomes usable. Why have unused cabinet areas, when you can add accessories to better utilize the cabinet cavity.

Also, if you have space between cabinets, you can fill that space with a spice rack (must be 6″ or more). Or maybe you can divide the space side-to-side so that you have a divider for cookie sheet pans or baking pans or cutting boards.

The point is, panning ahead will give you a bigger bang for the bucks you spend. So, let’s consider some ideas…

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Think out of the box. Use your wine rack for stylish storage of more than just wines.

Store all sorts of bottles in a wine rack cabinet

Whether you are a wine connoisseur or not, most people find they need to get their wine off the floor and out of the cupboard to store somewhere more convenient. What better way than to have a dedicated wine rack or two as part of your kitchen design plan!

But did you ever think about having an additional wine rack to store other condiments? Most vinegars, olive and other oils, liquor, syrups and custom sodas come in similar sized bottles and can be stored just as easily in your wine rack(s). Or you can customize your condiments to fit. Either way, the wine rack cabinet can be repurposed, and who doesn’t love a bit of upcycling! You can even use it to store towels in your laundry! Read on…

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