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Laundry Room Storage Cabinet and Design Ideas

Shaker Grey Cabinets
Beautifully neutral cabinets can be accented with your colors of choice, with tile and accessories, like towels.

Neat and complete storage for your laundry items is a must to feel organized. A great area in your home that you can easily update and beautify is your laundry area or mudroom. Large or small, you can design a space that is efficient and comfortable, if you have the right selection of cabinets. We offer easy online ordering that is secure, and delivery is right to your door. You can have the cabinets assembled or, if you’re the DIYer type, you can save some money and assemble them yourself (you can find those how-to videos and documents here). Learn more…

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Stylish finish to your kitchen with a cabinet matching hood

Classic Strapped Moulding Hood shown above

Range Hoods are generally thought of as having to be stainless steel and curved glass. But when you have a more traditional kitchen, like a framed Shaker style cabinet design, it is best to have the warm look and feel of a matching cabinet. It is less industrial looking and reminds one of Grandma’s kitchen growing up. You can almost smell the freshly baked bread an hot soup on the stove. Mmmm…

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Visualizing how a Farmer Sink 2-Door cabinet looks when installed – from Diagram to Install


Continuing our visualization series…
We’re showing the Shaker Grey farm sink cabinet installed to illustrate what you see when ordering, and then how it looks when installed. Why? One of the hardest things about ordering cabinets online is that people aren’t sure of the cabinet quality and it’s hard to know how the cabinets will look once installed. In this series of articles we hope to alleviate some of those fears by showing you what the diagram looks like when ordering and then what it looks like installed. Read on to find out more…

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