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Complete Your Kitchen Cabinets with a Range Hood! Style & functionality.

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There is nothing more satisfying then to put the finishing touches on a kitchen cabinet design. Of course, trim and moulding plays its part, but a stylish range hood becomes the focal point of your feature wall and complements your existing cabinets!

Even if you are not starting from a blank kitchen design, you can retrofit a hood to enhance the look and feel of your kitchen by getting an unfinished hood that you paint or stain yourself.

How? What options do you have? Well, read on to see pictures of installed hoods to get some ideas…

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Chef’s kitchen with a cabinet matching hood

Classic Strapped Moulding Hood shown above

Range Hoods are generally thought of as having only one option, stainless steel and curved glass, or some version of that. Many homeowners think of them as a mechanical way to evacuate smoke and odors, and they certainly do that. But they are much more, as they can be an integral part of a kitchen cabinet design with a color and style identical to the cabinets, and with a craftsman’s flare, even in RTA (ready-to-assemble) cabinets.

When you have a more traditional kitchen, like a framed Shaker style cabinet design, it is best to have the warm look and feel of a matching cabinet. It is less industrial looking and reminds one of Grandma’s kitchen growing up. You can almost smell the freshly baked bread and hot soup on the stove. Mmmm…

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Dark cabinets are bold and beautiful when mixed with the right countertop, paint and flooring.


It is true. Dark or grey is a great cabinet color to give you a modern and sleek feel in your kitchen. It makes a bold statement about who you are and that you are willing to take risks. Its contrasting color makes for dramatic partnerships between flooring, countertops, walls and lighting. Stainless appliances boldly stand out and showcase the utility of a kitchen.

Be careful, though, it takes careful planning not to create a depressing environment. Using other colors that are similar to the cabinet color can make the space look drab, not fab. But you can do it, with the right complementary countertop, paint, and flooring colors.

So, how is it done? Here are some tips to remember…

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Beautiful, classic framed cabinets in neutral antique white matched with a range hood is outstanding.

Castleberry Antique White Kitchen Cabinets
Classical look of Castleberry Antique White combined with stone and steel elevates these cabinets to a whole new level!

For those of you that appreciate the rich luxury of a timeless tradition in cabinets, our Castleberry Antique White profile is a must have. They are classic examples of a fine cabinet profile and will enhance your kitchen for years, while remaining neutral to any remodeling of fixtures or appliances, flooring or tiling, that you make.

The framed buildup of lines and layers combined with the light, neutral color of an off-white give such an elegance to a kitchen, one can’t help but to be reminded of the traditions of the past with a modern nod. Complement these cabinets with a matching range hood, and you have the perfect chef’s kitchen.

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Ordering Range Hoods Online… Easy, peasy!

Shaker Grey Strapped Hood installed

Want to have a real chef’s kitchen feel? Adding a range hood that matches your cabinets is a great way to tie everything together and gives your kitchen a truly customized and professional look. Range hoods complete the stay-at-home-chef ensemble for kitchen must-haves. It can be hard, though, to visualize what a hood will look like when only seeing a diagram or picture of it online. But no need to worry, when choosing cabinets, you can see all the styles of hoods available as well. We want to help by showing you. Read more…

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