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Top 3 considerations for choosing kitchen cabinets for an island

While single wall kitchens provide the easiest layout for a kitchen island, really there is no restrictions or limitations when considering cabinets for an island, except space. Large ir small. Single wall, L-shaped, U-shaped, or multi-wall. RTA cabinets are a great way to create a kitchen island.

It is important not to create a cramped environment in the kitchen since, many times, more than one person may be cooking, especially if you’re teaching the children. As long as you have sufficient lighting and outlets, you’ll create a safe and usable space that you didn’t know you needed. The extra cabinets will provide more storage as well, leaving your countertops clutter free.

Again, there are no rules, since you can do whatever makes you happy, but knowing what preferences you want ahead of time will help the process go more smoothly, and the results more satisfying, especially if you have limited space.

Following are some considerations when planning your cabinets for a kitchen island.

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