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What are you afraid of when buying cabinets online?


Making kitchen, bathroom, laundry, or home-office cabinet purchases online can be scary for different reasons. What are your biggest fears regarding the cabinets? Damage, color, timeliness?

Help us to serve you better by telling us your cabinet buying fears. We will address common fears in future FAQs so… you may just be helping your neighbor!

TCC asks... What are you afraid of?
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Top 3 tips to buying kitchen cabinets online

While it is true that people are getting more used to buying large items like furniture and cars online, it is still a serious consideration when buying multiple items like cabinets.

Large purchases of cabinets for your kitchen or bath has to be done with confidence. You have to have confidence in the company you buy from, the security of the website, and that your information is going to be handled professionally and with care.

You also want to make sure the cabinets will be delivered in good shape and as you expect, since return of such large items are a hassle and can cause frustration.

So, we’ve put together the top 3 things you need to consider when making a large purchase of cabinets online. Want to know what they are? Read on…

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How smooth was your RTA (ready-to-assemble) cabinet buying experience?

We all want to save money, and, on top of that, we want to be a savvy DIYer when it comes to cabinet selection and purchasing. But that can be a learning experience we don’t want to repeat if it doesn’t go as planned, turns out to be a hassle, or isn’t convenient. We want this website to be an easy experience.

Help us help you, and your friends!

Tell us about your experience with DIY RTA cabinets, so we can make the ongoing changes necessary to continue providing a positive experience for our customers.

“Oh, man, I shoulda, coulda… didn’t!”
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