Chef’s kitchen with a cabinet matching hood

Classic Strapped Moulding Hood shown above

Range Hoods are generally thought of as having only one option, stainless steel and curved glass, or some version of that. Many homeowners think of them as a mechanical way to evacuate smoke and odors, and they certainly do that. But they are much more, as they can be an integral part of a kitchen cabinet design with a color and style identical to the cabinets, and with a craftsman’s flare, even in RTA (ready-to-assemble) cabinets.

When you have a more traditional kitchen, like a framed Shaker style cabinet design, it is best to have the warm look and feel of a matching cabinet. It is less industrial looking and reminds one of Grandma’s kitchen growing up. You can almost smell the freshly baked bread and hot soup on the stove. Mmmm…

Being in the business of countertops for over 20 years we have seen a lot of kitchens… thousands in fact. Some are incredibly gorgeous, some are impressively innovative, and some are stylistically satisfying. Why? Most modern kitchen cabinet designs accentuate that completed and finished look with stove hoods that match the cabinets. They stand out beautifully, like a pro chef’s kitchen.

Those kitchens that lack that comfortable feel are generally those that haven’t put a lot of thought into the cabinet design. Even more of a tragedy is when the design, or lack thereof, includes mismatched finishes, like a range hood.

Our hoods come in a variety of styles and colors. You have many sizes to choose from as well, so your kitchen design will have just the right look and feel. If you have tall ceilings, we have various heights available too. Additional finishing touches like mouldings and panels will help complete the look of your new kitchen.

With the Big Box stores letting homeowners pick their cabinets off the shelf, it’s not just a lack of quality that is limiting, but the lack of creative choices in complimentary finishes. So, the homeowner has to hire a finish carpenter to make the space look like it was designed, costing a lot more, or, worse yet, those that shouldn’t, finish it themselves. Imagine installing a beautiful, custom Quartz or Granite countertop on top of off-the-shelf cabinets. Yikes!

Shaker Grey Charlotte Strapped Hood
Match Shaker Grey cabinets
Match Shaker Dove cabinets
York Antique White Hood
Match Torino White cabinets
New Shadow Black Hood
Our newest color in Shadow Black. Great contrast to lighter color cabinets.

Match all our framed cabinet colors – select style and color in Hoods section

Well, worry about that no more. Now, you can have your cake and eat it too! TCC offers a line of beautifully crafted, quality cabinets and range hoods to choose from. On this website we have many pictures of installed cabinets so you can see different design styles, giving you ideas for your own kitchen, and we deliver to your door, assembled or unassembled.

Due to increasing wood costs and shipping fees, wood hoods are now in demand before prices increase.
If you want a hood, act fast!

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