Use that leftover space between or below cabinets

Plan your cabinet placement to allow for a spice rack. Elegant, efficient organization for your spices.

I don’t know about you, but the hardest organizational problem I have in my kitchen (well, not anymore) is where to store all those different containers of spices and condiments? Above and below, to the side, not all walls are created equal, which means you may have some leftover space to utilize. So, be creative!

If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen or perhaps it is a new build, make sure you think about how you will cook, what you use and where you want to find it. Peering over stacked containers and jars to find a spice bottle you were sure you “just used,” is a time waster. With a built-in spice rack that is accessible from both sides, your problem is solved.*

Spices and condiments come in varying sizes of bottles and jars, and reaching back into a cabinet on your tippy-toes is a long overdo task that can change. If you plan properly you can calculate how many features like spice racks, wine racks, and rollout doors you want so that finding things is easier.

Our spice rack cabinets blend in perfectly to your cabinet layout, and it only takes a little bit of forethought to include. We have 6″ wide, 5-drawer vertical cabinets (many colors) or 30″ wide, 5-drawer wall cabinets (many colors) in our framed traditional styles (3 profiles).

*NOTE: Not available in the Eurostyle frameless cabinets.

These spice racks are great for filling in space that is left over after selecting all your cabinets and realizing they don’t fill the wall. Or, if you are building from scratch or doing a construction remodel, plan your kitchen size by selecting the cabinets you need so everything fits perfectly.

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