Your goal? Quality, commitment, and follow through in ordering cabinets online.

Online shopping is easier for people these days. Everything can be ordered online, even houses and cars. For many years electronics, accessories, and even dried and frozen food goods have been ordered online where most people are comfortable with it. And now, large items, costing in the tens-of-thousands of dollars are bought and sold – think Tesla electric cars!

However, there are some of those, once every ten years, type of purchases, like kitchen cabinets that has not hit the critical mass of ordering that other items have. Why? Concerns about quality of the cabinets and the commitment of the company selling them to stand behind the purchase. Fear no more…


While it is true that many years ago RTA (or ready-to assemble) cabinets had the reputation of low quality and suspicious vendors, that has now changed. Some very smart people, who were also craftsman, decided homeowners could have their cake and eat it too. How so? By providing quality materials, laser accurate cuts, and an assembly process likened to what Henry Ford envisioned when rolling out the first Model T.

So, the process matured and the quality of construction and components began to rival the custom cabinets, except for the customization part. That’s okay, the selection and variety RTA cabinets now provide, of both the colors and configurations of the cabinets is now of the highest standards. What next?

Well, then marketing and distribution was a factor, which we now have solved through online showrooms just like ours. We now have the ability to display, showcase and detail more information in a website than a homeowner would ever be able to digest in a showroom visit. Through education, examples of installed kitchens and bathrooms, and the same support mechanisms one would receive from a custom cabinet maker, we can provide more options, better quality and customer service than ever before.

TCC has been in the kitchen and bath remodeling space for over 20 years and has seen every possible cabinet configuration possible. We know how to satisfy the customer and our reputation proves it! We’ve also developed one of the most friendly and intuitive online showrooms to help you in the process, and will always provide the help you need so the only thing you have to worry about with your cabinets is how to respond to the praise of your friends and family for your wise decision.

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