Laundry Room Storage Cabinet and Design Ideas

Shaker Grey Cabinets
Beautifully neutral cabinets can be accented with your colors of choice, with tile and accessories, like towels.

A great area in your home that you can easily update and beautify is your laundry area. Large or small, you can design a space that is efficient and comfortable, if you have the right selection of cabinets.

There are practical reasons for having the proper storage available in your home for things like towels, detergents, hangers, etc., and not just so it looks pretty. You can keep those dangerous items like cleaning agents and chemicals away from children and pets.

To keep a small space having the feel of openness, select cabinets or shelves for storing items up high, while keeping lower cabinets closed. Be creative using spice rack pullouts, or wine racks, sliding drawers to hold smaller items like sponges, brushes, and even detergent pods.

The point is, your laundry space is the perfect opportunity to reflect your personality while at the same time keeping your environment efficient and safe!

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