Match your cabinets between kitchen and bath.

One of the versatile aspects of RTA cabinet colors is that they can be used to match both kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity cabinets, and in a multitude of cabinet configurations. You can also use matching color panels for built-ins and tub skirts.

If you have a bathroom used by guests, it is often nice to match the cabinets you have in the kitchen to those in the bathroom closest to it. This allows for continuity of design, cost savings, organization, and ease of ordering. Check out our many options on this website? It’s easy, here’s how…

Due to the high cost of custom cabinetry, many homeowners are forced to choose from a limited selection of cabinets, especially if one wants to match the bathroom and kitchen cabinets.

Many times a bathroom is located near the kitchen on the same floor, nd so it makes sense to continue the same cabinet design from one room to the next. If you use the same countertop material and cabinets you can save money with less waste, and your fabricator and handyman will appreciate you.

We have 16 colors of kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and 5 different profiles to choose from, so that you can easily find the cabinet best suited for you. Our online showroom allows for fast, easy, and secure ordering which you control. Our salespeople are also involved to help you with finalizing your order so you know you’re getting exactly what you want, all before your credit card is charged.

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