How smooth was your RTA (ready-to-assemble) cabinet buying experience?

We all want to save money, and, on top of that, we want to be a savvy DIYer when it comes to cabinet selection and purchasing. But that can be a learning experience we don’t want to repeat if it doesn’t go as planned, turns out to be a hassle, or isn’t convenient. We want this website to be an easy experience.

Help us help you, and your friends!

Tell us about your experience with DIY RTA cabinets, so we can make the ongoing changes necessary to continue providing a positive experience for our customers.

“Oh, man, I shoulda, coulda… didn’t!”

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Most recent experiences from TCC

“The website was easy to use and fast. I was called by a salesperson to confirm my order, and that was on a weekend. I was updated via email, text, and phone calls through the whole process so I wasn’t wondering about my cabinets. It’s a lot of money and I wasn’t made to unnecessarily worry. When I called to say there wasn’t instructions for adjusting glides and hinges, they put up a video immediately. Great experience!”B. Johnson

“I live in Georgia, where one of TCC’s warehouse pickup locations is, so I was able to get my cabinets fully assembled and forego the shipping costs. The cabinets are beautiful, unblemished and of good quality. I bought 16 cabinets, and I didn’t have trouble with any of them. Be aware, you will have to make some adjustments to the slides and hinges to get the lines straight, but I think that is normal. It is also made easier because everything has adjustment screws. Very happy customer!”R. Warren