Grandma’s chest of drawers is nice, but you’re more creative than that!

Palermo Gloss White cabinets can be used in your bedroom

Yes, it’s true, when we think of bedroom design we think chests of drawers, bureaus, and armoires. Why? Because that’s how we grew up, thinking this was the only “bedroom” furniture. However, now people are thinking outside the box, incorporating cabinet design and utilizing RTA cabinets into their bedroom design. The goal is to have a well-organized bedroom with storage for clothing and jewelry that conveniently hidden so as not to look like clutter.

Well, we’d like to introduce you to our versatile RTA (ready-to-assemble) cabinets. You can select from many cabinet configurations, profiles, and colors. Once used only for kitchens and bathrooms, now used for bedrooms, laundries, and offices. Read on…

A feature of traditional kitchen cabinet design is the large capacity of storage it provides. Well, think about how efficiently that storage space can be utilized in your bedroom. Open plan, loft style designs for bedrooms don’t allow for space closing walls. The whole idea is to have a space that feels open and airy, while still needing the utility of storage.

What’s the answer? Our ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets come in 16 colors and 5 different profiles to suit any taste. Even more so, it allows you to have a rich, finished look by adding custom countertops that will withstand any activities. You don’t have to have a large space to do it, though, you just have to have an imagination and think stacking. Many of our cabinets comfortably rest on top of one another, allowing for more storage without taking up more living space. It’s the perfect solution to waving goodbye to grandma’s bureaus. Sorry, grandma!

Palermo Gloss White cabinets for the bedroom
Shaker Cinder Laundry Room
Shaker Cinder cabinets for the laundry
Frameless cabinets for the laundry
Remote office cabinets
Framed Shaker cabinets for the home office

TCC offers a line of beautifully crafted, quality cabinets. Use any of our cabinets in any space in the house or apartment. On this website we have many pictures of installed cabinets so you can see different design styles, giving you ideas for your own kitchen, and we deliver to your door, assembled or unassembled.

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