Euro Style Frameless Cabinet Design Tips

Finished Side Panel

Frameless cabinet boxes feature a standardized box color.

A 3/4” matching panel is required for any exposed sides.

Remember to include a panel when cabinets are located directly next to any appliance or when varying wall cabinet heights are used .

It is recommended to utilize a WEP1530 cut in half as a corresponding panel below to align the wall cabinets with the base cabinets.

<– See FIG 1.1

Side panels are oversized and designed to be
trimmed down in order to come flush with the door front, giving an inset appearance.

When using in an island or peninsula application, the finished panel should be flush with the back panel and door/drawer front.

See FIG 1.2 –>

Oversized finished side panels
Cabinet fillers

Frameless cabinet fillers (3″ Overlay Fillers or 6″ Overlay Fillers) include a backer and separate front overlay piece.

The backer is the same color as the cabinet box, and the overlay filler matches the door material.

<– See FIG 2

End panels can either be installed with a recessed 4 1/2” H toe kick, or they can be used at full height and placed directly onto the floor.

Also available is a 4 1/2″ Wide PVC Brushed Aluminum Finish Toe Kick

See FIG 3 –>

End panel installation types

**To maintain the contemporary style of our frameless series, we offer Wall Easy Reach cabinets and a full range of Blind Corner cabinets as a clean lined alternative to a diagonal corner.

Toe kick box diagram

When designing islands and peninsulas, it is not recommended to use our adjustable legs at the base of the cabinetry, as this can cause slipping.

To ensure stability, a toe kick box can be secured to the floor, then the cabinet can be attached to the toe kick box frame.

<– See FIG 4

Frameless tall cabinets come with standardized boxes at 72”H.

To reach the desired overall height of either 84”, 89” or 94”, a wall cabinet can be stacked on top of the tall utility box.

The 24” deep wall cabinets are available in heights of 12”, 18” or 23”.

See FIG 5 –>

Utility Cabinets
Light rail using toe kick

To construct a light rail, utilize toe kick molding with the light strip tucked behind.

The toe kick can be cut down to the desired length and height.

<– See FIG 6

Frameless base cabinets are designed without an integrated toe kick.

The cabinets come with adjustable legs, and the toe kick can be attached onto the front of the legs.

See FIG 7 –>

Adjustable legs

**Refer to specifications for exact heights and depths , as the Frameless Collection does not use standard sizes on most cabinets, fillers and panels.

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