Eurostyle, full-height cabinet in white pine texture provides tons of usable storage

Torino White Pine wood textured cabinets

If you are looking for a modern European styling in your kitchen with a nod to the industrial loft look, then our Torino White Pine cabinets may be the choice for you. Clean, bright, full-height cabinet doors define crisp lines and a wood texture that you can complement with stainless steel and stone. Incredible storage capacity just right for you foodies. Want to evoke efficiency and confidence in your kitchen design? Read on to find out more…

Many people are lookin to combine a residential feel with the urban commercial vibe. You can accomplish this using a wood textured, euro-style cabinet to establish a basis in nature, add some concrete floors and stone backsplash to reinforce the warehouse vibe, and finish it off with steel or stainless steel handles and knobs, fridge, and lighting fixtures to complete the urban loft feeling.

Be careful, though, if you add too much texture it can cause the juxtaposition of differing materials to fight one another. But with proper planning that texture becomes a complimentary backdrop that can greatly enhance the feel created by your cabinets and countertops. If the color values are neutral, the cabinets can really jump out in a pleasing aesthetic. The contrast plays well together because the differences of light and how it reflects off the varying surfaces subdues in some areas, and brightens in others.

Here’s a picture of a completed Torino White Pine kitchen

Torino White Pine industrial feel kitchen

You can easily mimic this design if it suits your taste by following the rules of contrast. You might even brighten up the space even more by using our Torino White Pine cabinets on the walls. The sky is the limit, so explore your options. If you need help, we are happy to assist!

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