Don’t get stuck with lost cabinet space.

With the proper planning in your kitchen remodel, or for anywhere you plan to install new cabinets, it is important to think about the space you will need, use, and want. If you consider that your cabinets are 34 1/2″ tall, then the vertical space becomes usable. Why have unused cabinet areas, when you can add accessories to better utilize the cabinet cavity.

Also, if you have space between cabinets, you can fill that space with a spice rack (must be 6″ or more). Or maybe you can divide the space side-to-side so that you have a divider for cookie sheet pans or baking pans or cutting boards.

The point is, panning ahead will give you a bigger bang for the bucks you spend. So, let’s consider some ideas…

Everyone has some regrets after the remodel because they wish they had thought more about how they will actually move around in and cook in the kitchen. Also, cabinet space in the laundry can be utilized even more by thinking outside the box and using cabinets intended for other purposes. The key is in finding a cabinet company that not only sells the various cabinets you might need, but can offer ideas on how to better use those cabinets.

So, if you are thinking about a remodel, we will show a few examples of how you can further use your space, whether in the cabinet, on top of the cabinet, or in between the cabinets.

Spice Rack space filler between cabinets
Spice Drawers space filler cabinet
Tray Divider cabinet
Single an Double Cabinet Dividers
Divider Cabinet
Double Divider installed in cabinet
X-Rack Insert for open cabinet or complete cabinet available
Wine or condiment rack cabinet
Wine Rack Cabinet
X-Wine Rack
Wine Rack installed above countertop
Wine rack cabinets used for oils and vinegar and other condiments
Optional uses for win racks

So, now that you have some ideas, search our website to explore how you can remodel or build a new kitchen, laudry or bathroom with the cabinets and accessories you want and need.