Don’t forget to finish exposed cabinet runs with end panels for frameless cabinets

Don’t forget your end panels when designing your kitchen!

When ordering any of our cabinets, it is good to have a list of everything you’ll need, especially those finishing touches. Nothing slows a project down more than having to order additional cabinet finishes, and it can be frustrating not getting your project completed when you want.

With our frameless euro-style line of cabinets, you’ll want to remember to count how many exposed ends you’ll have so that you can add the finished end panels as part of the ordering process. Some more ideas…

Other finishing touches you’ll want to consider are toe-kick panels and corners, wall panels, fillers, and mouldings. If you are a DIYer, then these are usually the things that are overlooked. Because you generally only install cabinets when building new, or, if you are doing a remodel, the checklist of items to remember can elude you. Your sub-contractor, if using one, will generally have their own list since they do this more often.

So, think about the ends of exposed cabinets for panels, under the cabinet bases or finishes for toe-kicks or toe-kick boxes, fillers for those areas between cabinets that are created when you need to space out the cabinets to fill a wall, and mouldings to enhance the look of your finished cabinets. All important to have on the list when ordering, since you don’t want these things to hold up the installation of your countertops.

Palermo Gloss White Kitchen

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us about your concerns about installing frameless cabinets here.

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Palermo Gloss White Kitchen

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