Dark cabinets can add contrast that brightens your countertops and appliances

Our Shaker Cinder cabinets add a rich and dramatic focus. Accented with lighter countertops, backsplash and flooring gives the space a bright and cheery feel.

Conventional wisdom would tell a homeowner that, if they want a bright and cheery kitchen, they need to have bright and cheery cabinets since this is the dominant feature of the space. This is why so many kitchens default to light or white cabinets (plus the fact that most DIYers don’t realize they have all the color options we offer). But if that is not you, and you want your kitchen to be as bold as you are, then we have a solution in our Shaker Cinder color option. We also have European style full-height cabinets (see below). Think about this…

Designers will tell you that kitchen design is a consideration of, not just the cabinets, but the backsplash, flooring, condiment accessories, paint and even accent d├ęcor. Why? Because when we walk into a kitchen our eyes take in everything at once and the design either resonates with us or it doesn’t. Even the smallest of features are caught in our subconscious and it demands a sense of design balance. Our goal should be to make it resonate with everyone that walks in so they feel comfortable and at home, while still having a beautiful space.

That is why when a kitchen is not designed with these things in mind, it just doesn’t have the appeal it normally would. You can go against conventional wisdom and use darker, neutral cabinets, to add a dramatic look to your space. Then using the complimentary countertops, backsplash or tile, and flooring you can get a space that pops! The important thing is to get help. There are plenty of ideas floating around the Internet, but if you still struggle, don’t sweat it, talk to us. We can help! The best part is this can be your own DIY project. Order your cabinets from our website, have our salesperson contact you to finalize details, and get your cabinets delivered right to your door – assembled or unassembled.

Shaker Cinder Kitchen
Go all dark with Shaker Cinder Cabinets
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Full-height Eurostyle dark cabinets
Shaker White and Grey combo cabinets
Or, just mix cabinets to get contrast

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