Dark cabinets are bold and beautiful when mixed with the right countertop, paint and flooring.


It is true. Dark or grey is a great cabinet color to give you a modern and sleek feel in your kitchen. It makes a bold statement about who you are and that you are willing to take risks. Its contrasting color makes for dramatic partnerships between flooring, countertops, walls and lighting. Stainless appliances boldly stand out and showcase the utility of a kitchen.

Be careful, though, it takes careful planning not to create a depressing environment. Using other colors that are similar to the cabinet color can make the space look drab, not fab. But you can do it, with the right complementary countertop, paint, and flooring colors.

So, how is it done? Here are some tips to remember…

Because black cabinets are such an unusual choice for most people, you ma be hard pressed to find good examples of how it is done properly. No worries, we are going to help you make a plan that not only works, but looks great!

The first thing to consider is how to create a vibrant kitchen using our Shaker Cinder or Torino Dark Wood cabinets using a contrasting countertop color that contains light tones and splashes of color. There are many natural stones that can be complementary, including marble, however, for more consistent color and pattern control, you may want to consider Quartz. If you have a lot of countertop space, requiring multiple slabs, Quartz allows consistent patterns that can be matched up across seams with the right fabricator, and comes in the most color selections and from different manufacturers. It’s also a very maintenance free material that mimics natural stone.


The second consideration is your wall space. Will you use textured stone, tile, or pops of color? As with the countertops, there are many options when considering stone or tile, but, be careful not to create a busy space that causes stress. Combine color paint and texture to allow for a peaceful environment. You spend a lot of time in your kitchen, and so does your family, so you want it to be a calm place to be. Choose paint colors that are pulled from your countertop colors. The black cabinets allow for any color to be highlighted, but choose wisely. Also, consider stone or tile that is as neutral as the cabinets so you can use decorations to make the other colors pop.

Lastly, your flooring will have a great affect on how your cabinets looks since the flooring is like a path leading to them. Consider which way the pattern flows, especially if you are considering long, wide planks. Again, there are many choices, but the the flooring, cabinets, countertop and paint have to work together, not fight one another. Some have successfully used stained concrete to control the way the floor blends in with the countertop and wall colors. But, again, be careful not to overdo it. Also, the flooring will no doubt join with other rooms, so you have to decide whether to carry it throughout, or set the kitchen apart with its own style. With any flooring, choose complementary or neutral colors so as not to make the room busy.

One last tip: You can really add to the look of your kitchen by choosing the right appliances. Of course, stainless steel is a no-brainer, since it will blend with any dark cabinets due to contrasting texture and feel. Consider a range hood that matches the cabinets, if available. We have range hoods in Shaker Cinder as well, and in many styles and profiles.

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