Create a feature wall for your home office with cabinets and shelves

Remote office

Ahh, the joy of remote working in a home office designed just for you. Now that millions of Americans are working from home, and redesigning their home office space, this is more of an option than ever. If you have a room that doesn’t have a feature wall or focal point, you can add cabinets and shelves to create an eye-catching and attractive feature wall that will enhance your space.

Sometimes, a fireplace or artwork will serve this function, but if you have neither of those things, don’t worry, a feature wall with well chosen cabinets and shelves can be a great alternative. Here’s how…

You want to plan your shelves as built-ins that sit above the base cabinets. Think about your space and what it will be used most for. Is it an office for remote work? Then plan your cabinets and shelves so they hide your components, like printers. Will it be a study or library? Then plan your cabinets so that lighting and book storage is the main focus.

For built-in shelving above the base cabinets, you can design the area using a bold, eye-attracting wall color that draws attention. For a more subtle, or peaceful feel, you can use colors that blend more easily with the cabinet color you choose. RTA cabinets are now being made in many colors and styles, with many storage options like full size drawers, or cupboard style door cabinets with hidden drawers. Search for floating shelf options, which come in sizes up to 5 feet wide, corner shelving units, which can hold curios and decorative pieces, or finished panels to cleanly finish off an open end. The options are endless.

Don’t forget to think about moulding options, which can be used to enhance the rich feel of your cabinets and shelves, especially because they can hide lighting options, like LEDs. With all the LED lighting color options, you’re sure to be able to match the feel of your cabinet colors. Most now come with remote controls which allow you to select the color you want. Having moulding and trim that hides these allows for a beautiful, glowing affect to really make your feature wall pop!

So, in the end, you want to plan your space based on usage. A feature wall will enhance any room, but more importantly, it will increase the value of your space. Cabinets, shelves, mouldings and trim, all in the same color, with contrasting or complementary wall paint will bring years of peace and joy to any room. So, enough talk… go order your cabinets!

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