Complete your kitchen design with a range hood that matches your cabinets


What an exciting prospect to have your new kitchen design completed and ready to install cabinets. You’ve selected the right ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets from a reputable company, but have you thought about adding a range hood that matches the color and style of your cabinets? Did you know you have that option. Well, you do, and there are many to choose from.

Kitchen cabinets add the beautiful foundation for a room in the house that gets the majority of traffic. Whether it is the kids moving underfoot while you cook, friends or family gathered to enjoy the aromas of mama’s favorite dish, or just an intimate evening as a couple, the kitchen gets its feel from the cabinets and finishes you add. Countertops, wine racks, spice racks, glass holders, and, of course, the range hood.

Many people aren’t aware there are many options to match your range hood and kitchen cabinets. From flat profiles to curved; from strapped to plain, and with moulding options that complete the picture. RTA cabinets are many times thought of as coming from only big box stores and without the quality or selection a discerning homeowner would like. However, there are great quality cabinet options and colors to choose from, and with matching range hoods that can be delivered to your doorstep, fully assembled.

Below are some examples of range hoods we offer, although there are many more. Search the website for “hood” and you’ll see the options appear. Or, click here to go straight to that section.

CS Range Hood
York Antique White Hood
SD Range Hood
SG Range Hood