Causing division in your kitchen with separate space in your cabinets… by design

There are times when having an open cabinet is necessary. Other times, we find we need a little separation to more organize the space. We all have cookie sheets, griddles, or casserole dishes that just take up space in a weird way in the cupboard.

Now you have the option to have a quality divider cabinet that allows you to organize your kitchen items, whether it is pots and pans, cookie sheets or appliances. The wider the cabinet the more dividers. We offer two options in ten colors. Read more…

Even if you aren’t looking for dividers so that you can separate large items, it is nice to have the option. The divider can also be used creatively by adding hooks for hanging cups or towels. You can conveniently store canned goods in can racks that perfectly fit the space. Your imagination can come up with even more ideas. Be creative! Our divider cabinets also have a top drawer which gives even more options for your storage needs.

If you are having trouble visualizing how the divider cabinet might look installed, we have a picture below that shows you the sturdy divider look and feel. You might agree it is different than you may have imagined, right, but in a good way.

Divider Cabinet
This is an 18″ Divider Cabinet installed. Beautiful, right?

Colors available for Divider Cabinets