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Work at home? Customize your home office with new cabinets!

Shaker Antique White Cabinets used in a home office
Work in a space that you love! Shaker Antique White Office Cabinets are beautifully simple, but functionally efficient.

Are you now working remotely from your home? Is your space designed for something other than your work? Are your cabinets filled with junk unrelated to your job? We deserve to have the right environment to be truly happy as we carry out our jobs at home. Don’t settle for a space that doesn’t work for you. Redesign your space to fit how you work!

It doesn’t take a lot of money to customize your office to make it a joy to go to work. When you are more comfortable, you are more productive. Our RTA or ready-to-assemble cabinets can be delivered to your door, and if you are a DIYer, you can save even more assembling the cabinets yourself (of course, having a handyman available is always an option). We have many assembly videos to help you rock the room with new cabinets. See more…

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2022 Paint Color of the Year is decided. What cabinet color will you complement?

Sherwin Williams said they chose Evergreen Fog because it “is a versatile and calming hue, a chameleon color of gorgeous green-meets-gray, with just a bit of blue.  It’s a simple but sophisticated wash of beautiful, organic color for spaces that crave a subtle yet stunning statement shade.” Wow! Sounds amazing. But how will you use it in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, or home office?

Because it is a subtle hue, it complements most colors, whether contrasting darks, or lighter creams. Be careful, though, you don’t want to choose a cabinet color that will look washed out. Here’s some ideas to consider…

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How to buy ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets with confidence

framed and frameless

Buying ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, office, bedroom, utility room or garage requires only four main things to satisfy your purchase, especially if you are planning on assembling and installing them yourself:

  • Quality cabinets
  • Confidence in your supplier
  • Good selection
  • Great customer service
  • Home delivery

No problem! Welcome to your cabinet store! We tick all the boxes when it comes to quality ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets, and we stand behind our over 20 years in business. Because we are also a countertop company, we understand the process of installation, and encourage any DIYer to try it themselves. We have all the videos and instructions you need on this website.

If you are interested in cabinets that can be delivered to your door, unassembled, then read on…

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