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Finished end panels for frameless cabinets

When ordering any of our cabinets, it is good to have a list of everything you’ll need, including those finishing touches. With our frameless euro-style line of cabinets, you’ll want to remember to count how many exposed ends you’ll have so that you can add the finished end panels as part of the ordering process. Some more ideas…

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Wine racks aren’t just for wine anymore!

Store all sorts of bottles in a wine rack cabinet

Whether you are a wine connoisseur or not, most people find they need to get their wine off the floor and out of the cupboard to store somewhere more convenient. What better way than to have a dedicated wine rack or two as part of your kitchen design plan! As a bonus, most vinegars, olive and other oils, liquor, syrups and custom sodas come in similar sized bottles and can be stored just as easily in your wine rack(s). What options do you have? Read on…

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Spice Up Your Kitchen Design Ideas

Plan your cabinet placement to allow for a spice rack. Elegant, efficient organization for your spices.

One of the most disorganized part of many kitchens is where to store your spices. If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen or perhaps it is a new build, make sure you think about how you will cook, what you use and where you want to find it. Peering over stacked containers and jars to find a spice bottle you were sure you “just used,” is a time waster. With a built-in spice rack that is accessible from both sides, your problem is solved.*

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