Month: July 2021

How smooth was your RTA (ready-to-assemble) cabinet buying experience?

We all want to save money, and, on top of that, we want to be a savvy DIYer. But, that can be a learning experience we don’t want to repeat if it doesn’t go as planned, is a hassle, or isn’t convenient.

Help us help you, and your friends!

Tell us about your experience with DIY RTA cabinets, so we can make the ongoing changes necessary to continue providing a positive experience for our customers.

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Quick tips to measure for cabinets, plus bonus!

First of all, this is not the final measure for cabinets that you are going to use, but like most people, you probably want to get an idea of how many cabinets you need, based on what kind of cabinets you want. Usually, each style cabinet has a number of different widths, which means that the storage can vary, as well as shelves, doors, and drawers. So, if you’re ready for the quick and informal way to measure so you can ballpark price your cabinets yourself, then read on…

You’ll need a tape measure and something to record the measurements. Make sure to write down which wall you are measuring and note any windows or doorways. Other than that, you are ready to measure.

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Upgrade your bathroom from drab to fab with new cabinets!

Riviera Conch Shell Bathroom Cabinets
Captivating style with rich, clean lines make for a gorgeous option for a bathroom cabinet remodel.

The first room we use in the morning is the bathroom. The last room we use at night is also the bathroom. Shouldn’t we start and finish the day in a room that makes us comfortable, happy, and content? With affordable RTA (ready-to-assemble) cabinets, in 16 colors and 5 different profiles, delivered right to your door, you can make that happen. Here’s what to think about.

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Installing your own RTA cabinets? Good for you! Here’s some helpful tips – Part 1 – Leveling the cabinets.

Cabinet leveling
Leveling Shaker Dove cabinets

In this era of DIY, we find that we all have the ability to make things happen. It is important to remember, though, that the difference between us and the professional craftsperson is experience. Of course, we can watch videos on how to do everything, but the content is only as good as the person presenting it. Experience sometimes acts without thought, and is as second-nature as raising a fork to the mouth. That said… yes, you can accomplish anything with the right information and a little understanding as to the “Why?” and “How?” of installing your own cabinets.

Let’s see what we can learn…

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Beautiful, classic framed cabinets in neutral antique white matched with a range hood is outstanding.

Castleberry Antique White Kitchen Cabinets
Classical look of Castleberry Antique White combined with stone and steel elevates these cabinets to a whole new level!

For those of you that appreciate the rich luxury of a timeless tradition in cabinets, our Castleberry Antique White profile is a must have. The framed buildup of lines and layers combined with the light, neutral color of an off-white give such an elegance to a kitchen, one can’t help but to be reminded of the traditions of the past with a modern nod. Complement these cabinets with a matching range hood, and you have the perfect chef’s kitchen.

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Frameless, textured cabinets with a rustic look.

Torino Grey Wood euro-style frameless cabinets

If you like a countertop that doesn’t have a lot of textural features, but need the contrast of texture to pull your kitchen design together, we’ve found you can solve that problem with our frameless Wood Color cabinets. Clean lines and interesting texture prevail in these euro-style full-height cabinets. Looking for a modern, industrial and rustic mix? Add your own accents using countertop colors, accessories, and appliances.

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What are you afraid of when buying cabinets online?

Making kitchen, bathroom, laundry, or home-office cabinet purchases online can be scary for different reasons. What are your biggest fears regarding the cabinets? Damage, color, timeliness?

Help us to serve you better by telling us your cabinet buying fears. We will address common fears in future FAQs so… you may just be helping your neighbor!

TCC asks... What are you afraid of?
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