10’X10′ Industry Standard Framed Kitchen Example

What is a 10’X10′ Kitchen?

Basically, it is an “L” shaped kitchen that is 10′ x 10′ and is used as the industry standard to tell you how much cabinets would cost to fill a kitchen that is 10’x10′. A 10’x10′ kitchen is the standard unit of measure that our industry uses in order to have a common pricing structure to compare equal space requirements to calculate average cabinet costs. Honestly, no one really uses the exact configuration below, but it can be used to get an idea of costs per cabinet on average.

There are generally 12 standard cabinets that can be used in this layout. You can click on the links below to see the actual cabinets and choose colors. They are:

1W3630 (36”W X 30”H wall cabinet)
1W2430 (24”W X 30”H wall cabinet)
1CW2430 (24”W X 30”H corner wall cabinet)
1W1230 (12”W X 30”H wall cabinet)
1W3012 (30”W X 12”H wall cabinet)
1W1830 (18”W X 30”H wall cabinet)
1W3612 (36”W X 12”H wall cabinet)
2B12 (12”W base cabinets)
1SB36 (36”W sink base cabinet)
1LS36 (36”W corner Lazy Susan, easy reach cabinet)
1B18 (18”W base cabinet)


Make sure to use this example as a guide, since your kitchen dimensions, window/door placement is most likely different.

Framed Basic 10’X10′ L-shaped

(Shaker White used for pricing example as of 9/2020 – final price depends on Style/Color and Size of all the cabinets selected for your kitchen)

$2,926.52 unassembled plus tax & shipping

Example Cabinets in a 10×10 L-shaped kitchen: